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Your ideal garden room and what to consider

Your ideal garden room can completely transform your home. It can provide extra space, add a place to retreat to and make you love being at home. From bedrooms to offices, here are some things to consider when you choose your ideal garden room.

Decide on the purpose of your garden room

The best place to start is to consider what you will be using your garden room for. Would you like it to have homely features to provide additional ‘living’ space or do you want it to have more of an office feel? From storage to a garden pub, the options can be as creative as you are.

Decide on your garden space

Module structures can be designed around the space you have. This means you can optimise any space you have available and it really opens up multiple possibilities for your garden room.

Think about the building structure

There are a variety of structural options available. We have previously built garden rooms from modular structures and converted shipping containers. Here are some examples.

Garden house

This building is a purpose-built 30ft by 22ft garden house made from two 30ft by 11ft modules. The final building was fully plumbed and electrified and featured two en-suite bathrooms as well as an open plan kitchen and sitting room.

Garden office

This is another bespoke, custom-made garden building. In this instance, it was created from four 40ft shipping containers, custom painted and cut down in size to make a 24ft long building. The finished building featured an office, a kitchen area and a living area as well.

Consider flexibility

If your garden room is built-in steel (clad in timber) or a shipping container conversion it will endure and be moveable even after 10-15 years. A truly long-lasting space that means if you move you can take your garden room with you.

Create your furnishings wishlist

Don’t forget the interior too. From cosy furnishings to practical features like air conditioning, you can personalise your garden home to be the enjoyable space you are dreaming of.

If you are ready to plan your ideal garden room or have any questions, we’d love to chat with you. Contact us here.

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