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Why shipping container rental is the perfect solution

Shipping container rental is the perfect solution for creating a temporary space. Using them as buildings continues to be a really popular concept because they have many benefits. Here is why shipping container rental is the perfect solution for your additional space needs.

shipping container rental

What is the container appeal?

Shipping containers are very popular. They are extremely versatile and give user’s full control when it comes to matching up with their requirements. The structure itself is definitely one of the stand-out benefits. They are anti-vandal and weatherproof which is perfect for protecting your goods inside.

3 times when shipping container rental is the solution

If you’re in any situation where you require temporary additional space, then shipping container rental is for you.

Three of the most popular reasons we see with clients are…

For use on a construction site

Busy construction sites require careful planning, especially when following the extensive health & safety regulations. A converted shipping container provides a perfect space for rooms such as an on-site offices and staff rest rooms. 

When you’re moving house

Moving house is always a stressful time. A rented shipping container provides the perfect liveable space or storage solution in the meantime. If you have a layover period between houses, a shipping container allows you to live in it or provides somewhere to keep your treasured belongings. This keeps you in control (unlike self-storage which can come with restrictions) and the container can be moved to your new location while you settle in.

When you need some storage

Or are you just running out of space? If you need some temporary additional space a shipping container will solve the problem for you. As we mentioned, the anti vandal and weatherproof features are perfect to keep your belongings safe. Shipping containers are the best at-home storage solution.

What we offer

We hire containers and cabins of all sizes. We have shipping containers including sizes 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft both standard and high cube heights.

Want to know more about shipping container rental?

We offer a hire period minimum of 4 weeks with no maximum timeframe. We will quote as keenly as possible depending on the job and location.

As well as cabin hire, we hire welfare units, toilets and security fencing.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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