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Mark blogs on a range of topics related to shipping containers, container conversions and interesting cargotecture projects from around the world. Mark is based in Suffolk, UK.

Mark Pryor is a Director at Containers and More.  Mark has been working with shipping containers since 1999, and knows everything there is to know about shipping containers ... so ask away!  Go on, we dare you!

The ultimate in garden shed envy? Shipping containers could become your dream shed!

The ultimate in garden shed envy?  Shipping containers could become your dream shed!

We recently had a request from a customer for a purpose built 3 x 2.3m secure store and a 10ft container, each with extra wide personnel doors. With the exterior painted green and interior light grey (two of the wide range of RAL colours you can choose from on our colour chart) we think this would make a pretty nice garden shed!  We can even clad the container in timber for the ultimate in neighbour-shed-envy! 

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Extra classroom space for schools created from shipping containers

At this time of year schools are trying to work out what to do about extra space needed for new academic year. With budgets being squeezed and space at a premium, portable buildings created from shipping containers or purpose-built cabins are often an ideal option to expand classroom or office space.

Converted shipping containers offer a low cost, well designed alternative to the costly process of building extensions to existing facilities.  We can build to your specification, whether you need a small 20ft room or a multi-room facility.  Our containers can be fully fitted out with lighting, heating and air conditioning, with carpeted or floors and emergency exits complying with legislative requirements.

Container conversions are longer lasting than you might think, and we can even clad the buildings in materials such as wood, to blend into the environment.

We think you'll love the options we have available - just give us a call or send us an enquiry to discuss how we can help with your unique requirements.

brown vinyl flooring1


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gatehouse + anti-vandal offices

A customer preparing a site for multiple lorry movements needed a gatehouse/ weighbridge office. A compact cabin to fit between weigh bridges with reasonable space but not enough for cat swingers. The project is long term and security an issue, so steel construction with secure personnel door and sliding windows with steel secure shutters.

Security cabins are ubiquitous, but well designed and presented they can give a smart first impression of the business for visitors.

The advantage of a prefabricated cabin or modified container is that it is delivered to site complete and ready to use. You need to connect it to the mains and prepare basic foundation to sit it on. If in the future you need to move it, this is easily done by lorry and hiab crane, either to a new location or to sell it. If you want to refurbish it, we can collect it, do what is needed and return it to you "as new".

We have supplied to a similar customer some new cabins and at the same time removed an old one for refurbishment. The package was done to meet a budget and the appropriate time scale for the project.

CM 002a
CM 003a
CM 005a
CM 006a
CM 007a
CM 008a

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cool store/ cellar

A thirsty friend with cellar space shortage was close to losing his mind. Comforted and tended through his troubles by those close to him a solution had to be found. "What a tonic!", he cried, when we delivered this little number. The perfect, portable (but with plenty of cellar space) chiller unit to keep the essentials at the right temperature. Parked neatly out of sight, but not to far for regular visits on a well worn path, the solution was found and without the need to excavate under the house.

We have not been blowing our trumpet enough, so please read, digest and spread the news.

All our containers, cabins and modular buildings can be painted to any RAL colour or colours. Please check our Colour Chart in main menu bar.

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mobile workshop

We were asked to fit out a container for a sporting team (word of mouth). We have lots of experience with this sort of work and together with our customer we came up with a compact design to include workbenches, storage shelves, a manual hoist on I-beam, air conditioning system etc. All the work to be within ISO dimensions as the container will be for shipping.

Naturally, with container envy rampant in some circles, we wanted to make as smart a job as we could. We like to be discreet and confidential in the heady world of high performance sport, but the job was a good 'n'.

40 sail store 002a
40 sail store 003a
40 sail store 004a
40 sail store 005a
40 sail store 006a

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