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Shipping container swimming pool

Bring summer fun to your own garden with this dreamy setup.

Fancy a dip this summer? Well, now you can bring a shipping container swimming pool to you!

You may have already seen us using shipping containers in a variety of different ways but this is definitely one of our favourites. We love hearing quirky ideas from users too.

From unique home garden offices, additional storage spaces and home extensions, shipping containers are extremely versatile. This one might be the most creative idea yet though….a shipping container swimming pool.

Yes, you read that right. Your very own swimming pool set-up without having to leave home.

It brings with it a lot of benefits too. A converted shipping container can be a much cheaper option than building a traditional swimming pool. The design can above or below-ground and the best bit is we can design it together for your specifications and needs.

Shipping container pools are sure to provide endless fun for all the family. They can also be used for aquatic exercise, water running, and physical therapy. In terms of sizing; for 20- and 40-foot models, the water is about 4.5 feet deep.

Don’t forget your poolside garden room too. This can be somewhere to change, somewhere to relax or kit it out with some air-con and use it as somewhere to cool off.

Converted containers are a versatile way to completely transform your garden. As well as swimming pools, you can use them for garden offices, storage and garden hangouts.

If you’d like to know more about a swimming pool conversion, or you have your own unique idea let us know here and we will help make it a reality.

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