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Shipping container garage: an ultimate guide

Shipping container garages are becoming the ultimate solution for car owners that are short on space and don’t have the possibility of a ‘standard’ garage. Here is our ultimate guide and everything you need to know about shipping container garages.

shipping container garage

What is a shipping container garage?

Shipping containers are becoming an extremely popular storage solution, including for cars. The structures can be used as stand-alones but also offer the flexibility of being connected together for vehicle parking and storage. They also make great workshop spaces and tool storage too.

How big is a shipping container garage?

The most simple answer is however big you want the garage to be. 20ft shipping containers are commonly used for car storage, but are more suited to longer term storage than frequent use. This is because shipping containers are 8ft wide, which leaves very little room to open the doors on an average sized car once inside. We sell all types of shipping containers from 10ft to 45ft. We cut them down to size and paint them in and out. We have new and used shipping containers in stock, including containers with fully opening 20ft sides (with a pair of bi-folding doors).

What are the benefits of creating a shipping container garage?

  • They’re durable: The steel walls of a shipping container garage are structurally strong and long-lasting.
  • They’re weatherproof: Since containers are designed to withstand the elements at sea they create the perfect structure to protect your car against all weathers.
  • They’re spacious: Their size and shape make them perfectly designed to create the ultimate garage or storage space.
  • They’re customisable: They can be modified, designed and even painted in a variety of ways to suit your needs.

Shipping container garage

How can a shipping container be customised?

There are a variety of ways a shipping container garage can be customised. Firstly, you can add doors and windows to improve the accessibility and natural light. You can add electricity to install lighting and heating to the interior whilst air vents can prevent condensation. Shelving and a workbench can make it a great place to work on home projects or hobbies and the flooring is easy to clean too.

Where can I buy a shipping container in the UK?

We can provide you with a container that is safe, secure and water tight and we can even adapt to allow for air vents to prevent condensation and implement electricity for lighting. Contact us today to discuss your plans and get a quote. Keep up-to-date with our latest news on Facebook.

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