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1. INITIAL IDEA: Please email or ring to discuss your idea. It is likely that we have done something similar. If you have specifications, a rough sketch or any photos please email those too to get us started.

2. QUOTE: We aim to quote promptly and with straightforward jobs this can be done within a couple of days. More complicated jobs will take longer and we will ask for detailed drawings from you with an order if needed.

3. PHOTOS: We will email photos of completed container conversion before delivery and at any stage from order will keep you in touch with progress as required.

4. COLOUR: Any RAL colour or colours, please see our chart here.

Below you can see some of the types of conversions that we do to containers. If you’re after something a bit different, or can’t see what you’re looking for, then please get in touch and talk through your ideas with us. We’re sure we’ll be able to help.


Often a good used container or a new one with additions like, doors, windows, partitions, steel floor, electrics. A portable and secure box like a container makes an excellent long-term storage facility.

1. Extra secure steel door​

2. Steel partition​

3. Extra door within double doors​

4. External commando socket​

​5. Storage hangers for bikes​

6. Electrics and partition

​7. Door and window with steel secure shutters​

​8. Personnel door in 20ft side​

​9. 22ft wide roller shutters in 26ft long store​

10. Timber cladding​

11. Timber cladding​ with pitched roof

​12. Saddle store​​

Workshop / office / store

These units are designed very carefully to make optimum use of space.  Multi-purpose containers for mobile teams of contractors, riggers and sportsmen.  Storage on shelves, under workbench, behind upvc curtains.  Desk and shelf space for office, sometimes with air conditioning for hotter parts of Europe. Heavy duty workbench with marine ply top or stainless steel suitable for fixing all bench tools.  Suitable electrics for lights, power points, heating and providing external power.

1. Stainless steel topped workbenches​

2. Air-conditioned race jury room

​3. Aircon unit within ISO dimensions​

4. Workbench with unistrut shelves

5. Portable pump house container​

6. Shelving and electrics

7. Kitchenette

8. Workshop with whiteboard walls

9. Locker and changing room

10. Barred security windows

11. Workbench and storage behind upvc curtains

​​12. Remote controlled air conditioning​

Electricity stations/boiler and plant rooms

Mobile or static power generation units for housing in containers. We modify standard containers, including high cubes (9ft 6in high), cut containers down to whatever length required and build new units wider and higher than containers to order.

Consideration is given to suitable electric fittings, cooling/ heating capacity, floor, wall and ceiling fixing points, ventilation and access. Extra double doors or roller shutter doors can make a container work when space is tight.

We are experienced at finding solutions and are discreet about each customer and project.

1. 12ft wide 12ft high purpose built boiler unit​

2. All steel 20ft electricity control room with stainless steel floor​

3. Purpose built steam boiler housing​

4. Converted container boiler room with roller shutters and chimney flue

5. Steam boiler room with 2 roller shutters​

6. Plant room with ceiling hoist

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