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Awesome Modular holiday homes

Holiday homes come in various different designs and models. From traditional houses, caravans and villas in sunny countries, there is usually something to suit everyone. In this post, we are going to be exploring the increasingly popular modular holiday homes.

modular holiday homes

Why are holiday homes a good idea?

The important part of having a holiday home is making it work for you. Alongside encouraging you to holiday whenever you want, there are many benefits to having a holiday home.

3 top reasons to have a holiday home

It is always available

Most simply it can be a place to escape the 9-5. It can be your oasis away from reality that is available 24/7 with no booking necessary…hello last minute breaks! This also makes you very popular with friends and family for having somewhere to host from and for them to stay at too.


Having a holiday home makes holidaying far more affordable. It eliminates high season premiums and rising accommodation prices.

An investment

Holiday homes can be a great source of income. If you’re willing to let other people stay in the property when you’re not, it can make you money. There are great property management companies to take care of things as well as places like Air BnB to grab attention and get bookings.

modular holiday homes

Why build a modular holiday home?

Holiday homes certainly don’t have to be mundane. In fact if you’re looking to book it out or even if you want a place to fully rest, unique ideas can bring the best comfort.

Originally designed as a prototype of a low cost, low impact, pre-fabricated home that could be put together in just a few days, the modular home design became very popular and generated a lot of interest.

Here are 5 reasons why designing modular holiday homes is a good idea

Unique design

With the freedom to design the entire home from exterior to interior, you can build a unique experience for you and your guests for a holiday.

Lower build costs

Modular holiday homes are purpose-built by different modules constructed together. They are considerably cheaper than building. Another unique idea would be to convert a shipping container into a holiday home.

You can build it around your needs

From the number of bedrooms, to being kitted out with the latest technology, you can build the holiday home around your needs. Modular builds are super flexible and can be designed around the space you have available.

Love the sound of modular holiday homes? If you have some ideas, want to know more or are ready to get started with your project, let us know. We love turning ideas into reality and recently sent out this holiday home.

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