Shipping Container Dimensions

Size/Type of Container 8ft Store10ft Store20ft Store40ft Store20ft Tunnel20ft High Cube40ft High Cube
External Dimensions 
Length2.43m (8ft)2.99m (9ft 10in)6.06m (19ft 10in)12.19m (40ft)6.06m (19ft 10 in)6.06m (19ft 10in)12.19m (40ft)
Width2.20m (7ft)2.43m (8ft)2.43m (8ft)2.43m (8ft)2.43m (8ft)2.43m (8ft)2.43m (8ft)
Height2.26m (7ft 6in)2.59m (8ft 6in)2.59m (8ft 6in)2.59m (8ft 6in)2.59m (8ft 6in)2.89m (9ft 6in)2.89m (9ft 6in)
Internal Dimensions 
Length2.28m (7ft 6in)2.84m (9ft 3in)5.9m (19ft 4in)12.04m (39ft 6in)5.84m (19ft 1in)5.9m (19ft 4in)12.04m (39ft 6in)
Width2.11m (6ft 6in)2.35m (7ft 8in)2.35m (7ft 8in)2.35m (7ft 8in)2.35m (7ft 8in)2.35m (7ft 8in)2.35m (7ft 8in)
Height2.06m (6ft 6in)2.39m (7ft 10in)2.39m (7ft 10in)2.39m (7ft 10in)2.39m (7ft 10in)2.69m (8ft 10in)2.69m (8ft 10in)
Door Dimensions 
Width2.10m (6ft 6in)2.34m (7ft 8in)2.34m (7ft 8in)2.34m (7ft 8in)2.34m (7ft 8in)2.34m (7ft 8in)2.34m (7ft 8in)
Height2.28m (7ft 6in)2.28m (7ft 6in)2.28m (7ft 6in)2.28m (7ft 6in)2.28m (7ft 6in)2.58m (8ft 6in)2.58m (8ft 6in)
Side door opening widthN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Cubic Capacity9.95cm (351 cf)15.95cm (561 cf)33.1cm (1,170 cf)67.6cm (2,386 cf)32cm (1,130 cf)37.09cm (1,310 cf)76.2cm (2,700 cf)
Max Gross Weight6000Kg (13,243 lbs)10,160Kg (22,400 lbs)30,480Kg (67,200 lbs)32,500Kg (71,650 lbs)24,000Kg (52,910 lbs)30,480Kg (67,200 lbs)32,500Kg (71,650 lbs)
Tare Weight950Kg (2,100 lbs)1,300Kg (2,870 lbs)2,230Kg (4,920 lbs)3,700Kg (8,168 lbs)2,340Kg (5,158 lbs)2,220Kg (4,894 lbs)3,880Kg (8,553 lbs)

Container dimension chart shows weight, container dimensions and features of containers by size.