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A summer scorcher! Time for a swim in a shipping container?!

Well, what is happening here in England?? Sunshine day after day…..can it be possible?? Well don’t get me wrong I’m not moaning Victor Meldrew style, but lordy it would be nice to sit and do nothing. Or maybe convert a container into a swimming pool? Now you’re talking, check out this interesting project we were involved with recently!

I can see it now, pimm’s in one hand and all your friends around you wanting to try out your new “cool pool” you will be the talk of the town.

We do many container conversions, one recently installing air con, we love a challenge here, but the container swimming pool has got to be my favourite.  What’s your favourite container conversion project?  Do you have a challenge for us?  Get in touch to talk about how we could help you achieve your ideas with shipping containers!

Enjoy the sunshine…..while it lasts!

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