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A modular cottage and 5 things to consider

Modular cottage buildings are unique, versatile and sustainable, so what’s not to love? We recently built a 40x12ft modular building with one bedroom, ideal for two people and we loved the results so much we had to share them.

Container cottage
Modular cottage interior

We work closely with our customers to create builds that suit their ideas and budgets.

Modular buildings can be extremely versatile beyond being homes. They can be purpose built for storage, as a garden office or even to create a garage.

Our modular cottage project

Here is our latest modular build. These are some images showing the progress and the final design.

The customer wanted us to supply the build 3/4 complete including internal stud walls. The building was delivered with plasterboard and insulation materials for customer to fit onsite. The doors and windows were supplied fitted to give a weatherproof building ready to complete the interior.

5 things to consider when building your very own modular cottage

If you are planning your own modular build and you’re not sure where to start, here are 5 things to consider.


Planning is the exciting bit but also essential to make your modular cottage work for you. It is best to identify the space in which you would like the building to be put. This will help you to get measurements and work on planning what you can do with that space.

Modular buildings can be 10,11, 12 or even 13ft wide and any length up to 50ft.


With any type of self-build or extension project, good budgeting is knowing where to spend and where to make cuts. Self-building is a real investment and the foundations of the building itself is well worth getting right. The interior can be upgraded and improved as you go. To meet customer requirements we can deliver a building to whatever stage of completeness works best for practicality and budget.

Look at finance options

We take a 40% deposit for projects on order with the final balance due before delivery. 

We also offer a finance option to help spread the cost. This consists of a 20% deposit payable on order. The finance company we work with will contact you directly to finance the other 80% of the agreed total. Once the finance has been approved you will be sent an invoice for the deposit. Once paid, the project starts.

Get a trusted professional to help

While Google can provide some quick solutions ultimately you need to do your research. We help our customers from planning to building ensuring the complete build ticks all of their requirements.

Think interior

Modular builds are extremely versatile. That’s one of the best things about them. You can design the interior exactly how you want it paying attention to the space and how you want it to feel.

If you have an idea for a modular builds, contact us to discuss your plans or to get a quote.

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