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5 unstoppable Home and Garden trends 2021

Home and garden trends 2021, have they changed? Now that we are well into 2021 it is an exciting time to revisit the predicted and emerging home and garden trends for the year.

Predictions for 2021 included using the garden as a fifth room, bold colours, creative storage and utilising space for multiple purposes. Here are 5 unstoppable home and garden trends 2021 that have emerged and are increasingly growing with popularity.

home and garden trends 2021

5 unstoppable Home and Garden trends 2021

Home office

With more people working from home, a dedicated workspace can provide much-needed structure and flexibility to help your productivity levels while you work. Despite the challenges of working from home, a dedicated office is a fantastic way to reap all the rewards. Home offices mean that you still get to work from home but in a comfortable space that will promote productivity. It’s a really exciting time to be your own boss and there are many benefits of having a home-based business.

Home gym

While gyms were closed, fitness lovers have been flexible with their workouts from home and loving it. Creating a home gym is the best way to make fitness convenient, personalised and exciting. You can create your dream workout space around what suits you with no more commuting or sharing. With so many benefits, it is not surprising this trend is going nowhere. Utilising the space you already have or turning a shipping container into a home gym are unique ways to create the perfect space.

Sustainable buildings

We are all becoming more aware of our carbon footprints. Using sustainable materials for a new space creates endless benefits. From shipping container conversions to eco-modular builds the options are flexible, affordable and creative.

Converted shipping containers are incredibly versatile and are used as temporary solutions for house movers, additional solutions for business owners and as permanent solutions to create additional space in gardens. Whether you’re looking for a home, office, swimming pool or storage solution, shipping containers are the answer.

Plants, plants and more plants!

Plants enhance the overall appearance of a space and can be a really lovely addition to the decor of a room. They’ve also been shown to be a mood booster, increase creativity, reduce stress, and eliminate air pollutants — making for a healthier, happier you. We love this article showing how to decorate with plants.

Extra rooms in the garden

Garden homes are versatile, personable and durable so it’s no surprise they are a very popular choice too. They are the perfect solution to creating additional space to your home and they can be lived in too. We answered 5 popular questions here.

If these home and garden trends 2021 have got you excited for your own project, let us know. We would love to hear your ideas and help them become a reality. Our previous projects have included many types of portable units from complex modular buildings to container conversions. Contact us today.

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