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5 reasons why turning a shipping container into a house is a great idea

There are many great reasons why you may want to turn a shipping container into a house. The tiny house movement is growing at a rapid rate alongside the freedom that minimalist living provides.

5 reasons why turning a shipping container into a house is a great idea

Shipping containers are stackable

The stackability of shipping containers is a massive pro when considering building a shipping container home. You can grow your property with additional rooms, enjoy a functioning rooftop balcony or create space underneath for something like a porch.

Image credit: Branipick

They are durable

Shipping containers are designed to be transported on ships which means consideration has already gone into their durability. They carry lots of different items and travel across the world making them watertight and weather-resistant.

Your shipping container house can grow with your family or your needs

If you plan on growing your family or you need additional space in the future, building a modular house that gives you the option to add-on to it is a perfect solution.

Shipping container into a house - image of an interior
This shipping container conversion utilise all the space available
Image credit: Living big in a tiny house

Flexible interior space

Shipping container homes provide flexible interior space that keeps you in control. You can design it around your needs. Plan your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and storage to make it entirely functional alongside the aesthetic that best represents you.

They look awesome!

During your research you have probably seen many containers of different colours and arrangements. No matter how you plan or build your containers, you’re guaranteed to end up with a really unique aesthetic and a home you are proud to show off.

Our own home design built with timber cladding

Whether you’d like to convert a shipping container into a house, a garden room, a storage solution or something else, it can be entirely designed around you. Modular eco build homes are also very popular to create more space and flexibility.

If you’d like to know more about all your options, ask us.

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