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5 benefits of build-to-rent modular homes

Build-to-rent modular homes come with a lot of great benefits. We recently completed a modular build intended for rental income for one of our customers. Read on to find out more about the benefits and details of the project.

5 advantages of build-to-rent modular homes over traditional builds

The build journey takes significantly less time

The production of modules take a significantly shorter construction period than using traditional methods. This helps build-to-rent investors make money quicker and increase their portfolio of properties.

Increased durability

Modular construction also increases the building’s life and durability, reducing the need for regular maintenance and refurbishment. The design of modular homes makes them easy to maintain and repair if necessary.

Build-to-rent modular homes use recyclable materials

Recyclable materials and the careful calculation of materials and resources mean that very little gets wasted. Similarly, with practically everything completed off site, there’s no air and noise pollution.


Modular homes lie at the heart of green, eco-friendly communities. This can be a real selling point for holiday lets and rentals.

Unique design

Design, construction techniques and materials are always advancing and can be used to complete very specific build specifications. Modular builds can be designed around their intended purpose from the placing

Build-to-rent modular homes customer story

There are many awesome modular homes ideas. This customer wanted a steel shell with door and window apertures finished with box section.

Build-to-rent modular home progress photos

As mentioned in the benefits above, the best thing about a modular design is that is can be tailored exactly to customer requirements and budget.

Our brief was for a 15 x 30ft steel shell with door and window apertures.

For this project, the customer wanted to do all the fit out themselves so we started the build and they could go on to finish it with a personalised touch.

This is a long term investment in a property for rental income. The building is destined to be transported to the West of Ireland as a holiday home and for rental.

Kitchen Before
Kitchen After

Being fully prefabricated and fitted out the building is very low impact once delivered to its destination.

The choice of external cladding means it can be maintained with an annual water pressure hose and the cladding also has external insulation behind it to maximise internal space.

If you have an idea for a build-to-rent modular home, contact us to discuss your plans or to get a quote.

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