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4 Exciting Trending Shipping Container Business Ideas for 2020

The list of trending shipping container business ideas is rapidly growing. In fact, running businesses from shipping container conversions are majorly popular right now. Here are 4 business styles you can run from a container to inspire you for your own business.

Trending Shipping Container Business Ideas for 2020 to be inspired by:

Shopping Centres

Pop-up shops are seriously trending right now and there are many benefits to using temporary shipping container spaces for modern retail. From cutting the pressures of long leases, overheads and permanent locations, shipping container retail units are a no-brainer.

Constructed entirely out of reclaimed shipping containers, Brixton-based Boxpark (who we have worked with) is a pop-up mall offering people everything from independent shops to small food outlets.

According to the Boxpark website, what makes these places unique is that they offer “a unique position in being able to offer affordable and flexible leases for lifestyle brands, cafes, restaurants and galleries to trade and succeed.” It’s the perfect place for someone with a budding business to grow their following and brand.

Restaurants, Bars and Coffee Shops

A shipping container provides an ideal commercial space for catering businesses like a small, start-up coffee shop. Containers can be fully customised with features like serving hatches, plumbing and electricity. It can also be fully branded and created around your branding colours, design and values.

Shipping containers give catering businesses something they never had before, a building they can move. This freedom means that mobile restaurants can be used for seasonal offerings, renovating existing restaurants and testing new locations.

Co-working Space

With increasing numbers of self-employed people, freelancers and work-from-homers, there is a parallel increase in the need for co-working space. Working from home can get lonely and it can be hard to create a work/life balance. Shipping containers provide the perfect adaptable, affordable and flexible co-working space.

Shipping container business ideas - co-working office idea
Co-working Office Space at First

Anything run from an office

Shipping container business ideas can include anything run from an office. Whether you set up a home garden office or set up your container away from home, they help you establish a motivating workspace. Of course, the flexibility of location and the ability to move your container is high on the list of benefits.

The ideas don’t stop there, the many benefits of shipping containers mean they can be used for pretty much any business you can think of.

Feeling inspired and got some shipping container business ideas of your own? Contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

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