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3 reasons garden rooms with a toilet and shower are the perfect idea

Garden rooms with a toilet and shower facilities are very popular right now. As more people extend their homes by having an additional room in the garden, the designs are providing a perfect solution for many needs.

Gone are the days of a make-shift outdoor shed. We’re seeing more ideas and designs beyond even a simple garden room. Recently we’ve been designing dreamy outdoor spaces with comfort at the forefront.

These multi-purpose garden rooms can be used as a home office, a place for granny to stay and an additional storage solution all rolled into one. There are many things to consider when building your ideal garden room.

3 reasons garden rooms with a toilet and shower are a perfect idea

Alongside the additional physical space, there really are so many practical benefits to designing your own garden room.

The room is designed around you

When searching for properties, office spaces or buildings, you usually have to picture how you can fit your lifestyle into the space available. By building your own garden room you get to design it around you. From specifications, features and decoration you can make it entirely your own.

You get full control

The facilities don’t have to end at a toilet and shower. You have complete control over all of the features. Focusing on comfort and security from heating, air conditioning, windows, doors, cupboards, the list is endless.


Garden rooms provide a solution for year round living, without the need for home extensions or renovations, meaning they’re simple and cost-effective. They are also ideal for elderly relatives to live close by without the mounting costs of a care home.

With so many options available for garden rooms with a toilet and shower, our experienced team are available to assist you. We can talk you through everything from planning permission, design ideas to specific feature requests which we can incorporate into any of our projects. Contact us today and follow us more project inspiration.

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