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Cabins and shipping containers

We hire containers and cabins of all sizes for storage, offices, canteens and drying rooms. 10ft, 20ft, 40ft and 12by9ft, 24by9ft and 32by10ft and more. We hire welfare units, toilets and security fencing.

We sell containers and cabins new and used all sizes.

Container conversions
We modify shipping containers and fabricate cabins for many uses, please send us your plans for a quote.

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Bespoke spaces and buildings

Retail spaces
We modify containers and fabricate modular buildings to your layout.

Garden Rooms
For home offices, annexe, and built in steel (clad in timber) will endure and be moveable after 10-15 years. A truly long lasting space.

Modular eco buildings
Low cost, low impact buildings with grass roofs. Eco-friendly buildings that are stylish and spacious.

recent projects

holiday home

The customer wanted just the steel shell with door and window apertures finished with box section. The customer wanted to do all the fit out themselves, and then it will be transported to the West of Ireland as a holiday home and for rental.

This is a long term investment in a property for rental income. Being fully prefabricated and fitted out the building is very low impact once delivered to its destination. The choice of external cladding means it can be maintained with an annual water pressure hose, and the cladding also has external insulation behind it to maximise internal space.


The customer wanted us to supply it 3/4 complete including internal stud walls, but with plasterboard and insulation provided for customer to fit on site.

The doors and windows are supplied fitted to give a weather proof building to work in to complete the fit out.

To meet customer requirements we can deliver a building to whatever stage of completeness works best for practicality and budget.

The finished building looks so good and the customer has kindly sent photos.

This project was for a 30 foot shipping container, with steel benches and shelves including a wheelchair/scooter user alcove, and a ramp made from recycled plastic timber.
Painted in a natural Olive green to blend in with surroundings.
⁣This was then delivered to Tices Meadow Nature Reserve and installed in its final resting place with a stunning view across the wetlands for visitors to enjoy.



Monitor bay

The first 20ft bright red container is a used wind and water tight container.

As usual with our customers we to and fro with ideas and sketches, and when the project is ordered we produce drawings with specifications for approval. These drawings become our working drawings and are distributed to all involved: 20-30 people.

This 20ft was divided into two areas with an internal steel partition and steel door.

In one end, the electrical testing end, aluminium flat plate was fixed to the floor. The other end the floor was left “as is”.

The interior was lined and insulated + electrics fitted + extractor fan.

More of what we do

Bespoke cabin and container living spaces

If you’re looking for something a bit different, something you may not have known a shipping container or cabin could even do, then Bright Build is the place for you. We create purpose built, prefabricated, low impact modules that are transported by lorry and can be craned into your location by Hiab lorry crane . Multiple modules can be linked, sealed and optionally clad on your site.

Modules are pre-fabricated and fitted to first fix. You can even use containers to build fast house extensions.

Below you’ll find a few case studies, we’ve got lots more to share and talk about than we can put on the site, so please do get in touch. Trade enquiries are welcomed.


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